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Exclusive Italy is a reality operating in technologies in favor of well-being, the environment and savings. It provides solutions for both the domestic sector and for companies. It offers ozone sanitation and energy saving products for companies and families.

It helps Italian companies to save electricity and families through completely green devices for daily use, making it easier, under various aspects, to live a healthy life.

Respecting the environment

We strongly believe in respecting the environment and in the development of technologies that allow both companies and individuals to do their part in safeguarding the Planet Earth. Saving electricity indirectly contributes to the reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for climate change. Furthermore, our devices help all families to adopt a Green lifestyle without giving up any comfort and also protecting our health.


intelligent saver system

Discover our solution to exploit the power of technology in favor of a new perspective of living  and environmental protection.  

Improve the comfort, energy efficiency and safety of your environments thanks to the installation and connection of increasingly advanced and efficient systems, which can be activated and regulated from your mobile device.

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