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Pollutants can accumulate indoors

Closed environments can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The indoor air of the environments in which we live and work contains many suspended substances and micro polluting particles.

Indoor air pollution is also caused by some daily factors, such as the use of detergents with chemical compositions that are too aggressive for cleaning, by the paint of the walls or by accumulations of dirt and dust in remote points. Adding these factors to the quality of the air entering from the outside, equally polluted, the result is an unfavorable environment, which more and more often generates breathing difficulties and allergies.

When working in the office or in the company it is essential that the owners ensure that the rooms are kept clean and free from pathogenic micro-organisms or insect and pest species. For this reason, in addition to the normal and daily routine cleaning activities, regular sanitation and disinfestation interventions must also be carried out.

These two operations, which are often considered the same, are actually very different, both in terms of purpose and method of intervention. you work. Sanitizing therefore means improving air conditions, humidity, lighting, ventilation and temperature but, at the same time, it means guaranteeing the complete absence of organisms or micro-organisms that can be harmful to health.

Sanitation, therefore, also includes disinfection and disinfestation operations. When we talk about pest control, we specifically mean all those interventions that aim at the destruction or removal of parasitic or annoying insects, as well as weeds. Pest control can be targeted, i.e. specific to one
particular pest species, or generic.

Ozone is perfect for carrying out sanitizing actions as it is not combustible, nor carcinogenic and it is not irritating. It does not damage any material or food with which it comes into contact.

It has a high oxidizing power, being a highly unstable molecule. It has the ability to degrade complex non-biodegradable organic compounds. It has a powerful disinfectant action with a broad spectrum of action. It can also be used for water disinfection because it leaves no smell or taste.

Unlike other disinfectants (such as chlorine), it leaves no residue. After 20 minutes, O₃ turns into Oxygen and does not require elimination treatments

The powers of ozone

Cars and ambulances

Sanitizing with ozone is suitable for sanitizing and deodorizing all vehicles: cars, campers, commercial vehicles including vans, trucks and lorries and medical vehicles such as car and ambulances. Proper sanitation is especially essential for vehicles that are used for sharing purposes or for company vehicles, which are used by several people. It can also be essential to sanitize the vehicle after a holiday or after some types of transport.

Instead, it becomes of fundamental importance on ambulances to medical vehicles in which hygiene plays a fundamental role. The structure of the ambulances prevents an optimal traditional disinfection procedure, as there are many hard-to-reach points where viruses and bacteria easily lurk.

Sanitizing with ozone is the ideal solution, as ozone occurs in gaseous form, therefore it spreads and easily penetrates into the tissues and into the most remote corners.

Through Ozone it is possible to sanitize the air in the passenger compartment, but also the fabrics, including rugs, seats, seats, cushions and carpets.

Emergency Vehicles

After using our vehicle sanitation devices, you will be able to experience a number of benefits, including:
the improvement of the air quality inside the car, the removal of odors by increasing driving comfort, the maintenance of the vehicle in health, the elimination of organic and inorganic organisms, the prevention of the possible risk of contagion from bacteria and viruses .

Thanks to ozone, complete sanitation is possible in a short time and without the risk of damaging equipment and fabrics.





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Ozone thanks to its power perfectly disinfects any environment, even walls, curtains, mattresses and beds. It is suitable for application in all healthcare environments such as medical clinics, outpatient clinics, medical offices, dental offices and specialist clinics.
In addition to the disinfection of the environment, our devices have the power to ozonate the water, in this way it is possible to use the water to thoroughly sanitize all the most delicate instruments and objects and everything that cannot be put in a sterilizer.


Sanitizing a medical environment with ozone is a gesture of care and respect towards your customers and medical staff and helps to comply with the rules on the protection of health and safety in the workplace as well as improving the microbiological safety of your practice doctor.

Ozone is also an ally of analysis laboratories, as it helps to minimize the risk of exposure to biological agents and protects against test alteration errors.

In the medical environment, school-based sanitation is also essential in retirement homes and residences for the elderly. First of all, it is important to reduce the risk of infection by bacteria and viruses, to which elderly people are more exposed due to their lower immune resistance. Furthermore, thanks to our devices it is possible to deodorize the air in the guest rooms and make it clean and decontaminated in the common areas of your structure, increasing comfort. With ozone sanitation, you protect the health of your guests and ensure a microbiologically safe workplace for medical and service personnel.

Ozone being a gas, it spreads and penetrates easily even in the most difficult to clean points. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it inactivates viruses and kills more than 99% of bacteria from the air, surfaces and fabrics and helps you to comply with mandatory hygiene rules.

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Veterinary and grooming

Ozone is indicated to sanitize and deodorize all environments in which animals are present such as veterinary clinics, clinics and veterinary doctors' offices. Thanks to its action, Ozone, combined with water, can be used on animals to eliminate bad odor and reduce healing times, it also helps to improve health conditions more quickly, without side effects.

All closed places where the presence of animals is constant are environments where there is a high risk of the spread of viruses, bacteria, ticks and fleas, which can be transmitted both to the animals themselves present in the clinic and to the staff. Sanitizing with ozone in veterinary clinics disinfects, purifies and deodorizes the air, eliminating bad odors and bacteria. It contributes to the observance of the obligations prescribed by the Legislative Decree n. 81/08 charged to the employer for the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

Basset Hound Check-Up

For pet grooming and care shops, Ozone also offers additional services: rinsing with ozonated water favors the brightness of the hair of dogs and cats, guaranteeing an excellent result and increasing the services offered to the customer beyond their satisfaction. the final.



Thanks to the generation of ozone, our devices are ideal for sanitizing and deodorising all structures intended for aesthetic care and personal well-being such as beauty centers, spas, beauty institutes, massage centers, wellness centers, hairdressers.

Beauty centers are high-risk places as typical activities (such as manicures, pedicures, facials ...) involve the creation of an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria and the transmission of fungi and viruses. The use of chemicals and preparations (such as dyes and decolations for hairdressers) are a source of unpleasant odors annoying for customers and toxic fumes dangerous for health.

To increase the safety of these places, the use of ozone acts as a decontaminant of air and water in an easy and fast way, reducing the risk of infections by air and contact for the operator and allowing correct cleaning and instrument sanitation.In closed rooms or cabins, it eliminates odors and the microbial load of the previous customer and recreates a sanitized and deodorized environment, ready to welcome the new customer.

Ozone also adds services offered to customers, washes with ozonated water, in fact, are a renowned therapy that reduces the fungal and microbial load present in the nails and on the skin. This is thanks to the disinfectant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ozone, which increase skin oxygenation and rapidly improve the condition of the skin and nails, without any side effects. Also for the hair, Ozone acts creating various advantages including the purification of the skin and hair lengths, the strengthening of the hair bulbs and the stimulation of the microcirculation by increasing skin oxygenation, always without any side effect.

The use of Ozone devices also helps in compliance with hygiene regulations and creates a positive return and trust towards customers.

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Our devices are perfect for environments such as hotels, restaurants and bars, as ozone thanks to its properties eliminates odors from the kitchen, neutralizes bacteria and allergens, ensures the customer the maximum hygiene of the food served, preventing the risk of food contamination. , makes the room healthier and more comfortable for customers and the working environment for your staff.

Ozone also helps to observe the HACCP standards and the obligations prescribed by Legislative Decree n. 81/08 charged to the employer for the protection of health and safety in the workplace, because it eliminates bacteria, molds and contaminants in general from food, hoods and surfaces with which food comes into contact.

In rooms where food is served, Ozone has a further advantage to those who use it, in fact it is able to extend the preservation of food because it blocks the proliferation of bacteria and molds, thus slowing down their deterioration. Consequently, there will be a reduction in waste and scraps derived from food, very present in places such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

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Boutique Hotel Camera

In highly frequented places it is important to ensure proper oxygenation of the room in order to ensure safety in respect of customers, in the protection of their health and that of the staff as well as eliminating any chemical residues left by the products for daily cleaning.

In fact, Ozone acts on everything it comes into contact with, not only on the air, therefore it also deeply sanitizes fabrics, walls, surfaces, furniture, objects and fabrics such as sofas, carpets, rugs, curtains, mattresses, bedspreads, pillows. and carpets. The use of ozone generating devices increases the reputation and image level of the structure. In hotel rooms, for example, the first perception of a new customer is concentrated on the possible presence of bad smells and the triggering of allergic episodes due to bacteria, mites and pollen. Only with sanitation through Ozone, combined with proper cleaning of the rooms, carried out before the arrival of each new customer, eliminates odors and the microbial load of those who have previously stayed there and recreates a deeply clean and deodorized environment , ready to welcome the new guest


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