Discover a new way of doing laundry.
Finally truly sanitized, the only ecological and safe as it does not require detergents.

Atlantis is the device with Active Oxygen, Silver Ions and UV Rays washing system that cleans and sanitizes your laundry, without using chemicals, polluting detergents, in a completely natural way.





It is added to the outside of your washing machine. Mixture with incoming water together with silver nanoparticles eliminating dirt, bacteria and fungi also thanks to a UV ray probe sterilizes and strengthens the oxidizing action. The water thus treated cleans and disinfects the laundry WITHOUT THE NEED OF CHEMICAL DETERGENTS and using COLD WATER:
clean safe, healthy, ecological, which respects your skin and saves you money!




The fact that the laundry is clean does not necessarily imply that it is also disinfected, and the removal of stains and dirt halos does not always indicate the absence of germs and bacteria. These, in fact, find in hot and humid environments (such as the washing machine basket) the ideal habitat in which to grow, develop and multiply. The stains of food and fruit on bibs and t-shirts, the dried mud on trousers and shorts represent the ideal soil for bacteria, which can also resist washing in the washing machine. In fact, the laundry, dirty or clean, if not sanitized, represents an ideal soil for the proliferation of bacteria, putting at risk our health and that of the youngest, who are more subjected to contracting germs.

Under the most advantageous conditions, up to 17 billion bacteria reproduce in 17 hours from one bacterium. However, some bacteria, such as the Salmonella or the Coliforms, are able to survive any centrifuge and medium and low temperatures. Only with Atlantis, thanks to the 360 degrees disinfectant action of the Active Oxygen, can you really eliminate every form of bacteria even at low temperatures.

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Thanks to the Ozone generator device, it is possible to obtain a thoroughly sanitized laundry without the addition of chemical additives, which are not biodegradable. The detergents used every day for washing our garments end up in the waste water, and do not allow the washing to be truly ecological.



In addition to the impact that chemicals have on the environment, it is also necessary to think about the reaction they have in contact with our skin, as they settle on the laundry we wear every day. This phenomenon is the cause of various allergies and intolerances, which increasingly occur, especially in children.




With Atlantis, you won't have to change your washing machine. Whatever energy class and whatever model it is, it will become technologically advanced and will be able to carry out the water ozonisation process. The Atlantis device is small and suitable for any type of environment and only needs to be switched on.



Ozone is a completely natural and very efficient oxidizing agent on any type of fabric and any colour.  To activate its power does not require water at high temperatures, saving also on the electricity used by the washing machine as well as the purchase of many different detergents.


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With Atlantis it is possible to abandon or reduce the use of all the chemicals used so far by about 95% , it represents a single, non-polluting solution against a diversity of chemical detergents that are highly toxic to your skin and the environment.

It does not require human intervention for its dosage, as everything happens automatically , without running the risk of possible overdosage. It is 5 times more effective than any chemical disinfectant added to the laundry, it also carries out an oxidation process, therefore it acts as a catalyst against surfactants and is antifungal and antibacterial. Its features enjoy 3 different disinfection processes: l a Silver Ion Probe, a UV Ray Probe and an Active Oxygen Generator;

It does not attack the fabrics, does not damage them, keeps the linen always fresh and clean as it has just been purchased, this is also thanks to the fact that it already acts at 30 degrees, therefore it does not attack the garments even through the too high temperature of the water and gives savings in energetic terms .


By using Atlantis you will contribute to the actions necessary to respect the environment . If everyone used it we would no longer have chemicals in the household drains and we would produce fewer PVC containers to dispose of.


In addition, the water that runs in the flows of your washing machine , which you will not have to replace, will bring it back to its operating state at a level of descaling from mold and bad odors similar to the first uses.