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Why is important the
sanitizing at home with ozone?

It is important to state that the use of Ozone does not replace the daily cleaning of the house, but intervenes in addition to be able to thoroughly sanitize our rooms.


The Exclusive devices allow Ozone to carry out its action in the air of the house by acting on domestic pollution and making the air we breathe every day finally healthy and reducing the risk of allergies.


Moreover, if released indoors, ozone has various advantages on the environment and on the furniture present: it penetrates the fibers of the fabrics of armchairs, sofas, curtains, carpets, mattresses, destroying microorganisms and harmful bacteria, eliminates bad smells caused by smoke , food, paint and animal hair. It is heavier than oxygen and spreads in the environment in a widespread way, acting even in the most hidden points, which we usually cannot reach.


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