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Breathe healthy air into yours
closed environments
Active healthiness 24 hours a day even in the presence of people


FARMARIA is the indispensable device to make the air in your rooms and surrounding surfaces healthy.

Removable, but also equipped with specific fixings that allow it to be attached to the wall, reducing the overall dimensions to a minimum and obtaining a minimal aesthetic impact.

It uses various functions to finally make the air breathed indoors healthy.

4  important reasons why you should have it 


Domestic environments are 5 times more polluted than outdoor ones.
Particles up to 3 micrometers in size enter the house even through hermetically sealed windows.


The respirable particles reach the bronchi and end up in the bloodstream. The deaths caused by the effects of polluted air are 20 times higher than those of road accident victims. Indoor pollution is responsible for 2.7% of the global burden of diseases in the world and 4.6% of deaths from 0 to 4 years.


In recent decades, allergic diseases have significantly increased. Among these we also find cases of asthma in children, of which 90% is caused by the dust mite.


20% of Italian families have problems with humidity in their homes with a consequent 50% increase in the risk of suffering from respiratory disorders and a 13% increase in childhood asthma (WHO 2009)

Its functions

Farmaria makes the air in your rooms really healthy,

in order to do this, it implements different technologies 

Patented ICR technology

The process, also called PHOTOCATALYTIC, reproduces what happens in nature, that is a photochemical reaction, which allows to destroy polluting substances, in particular, bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and odors with a natural active ingredient.

The technology of the device is enclosed in a control chamber inside which a UV lamp is inserted, which generates UVC rays.

The control chamber is coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2), capable of

react with ultraviolet radiation, triggering the photocatalysis process.


Just as blood plasma carries white and red blood cells, our plasma carries electrons, ions and impurities. 

Ion-Plasma is able to electrically charge the air particles at room temperature, transforming them into an Ionized Oxygen, which breaks down both volatile organic compounds and viruses and bacteria.


The corona discharge, the basic principle of ionization, occurs in the presence of high intensity electric fields generated by natural phenomena such as thunderstorms or lightning.

Farmaria One is equipped with a powerful tangential fan capable of guaranteeing an hourly recirculation of about 400 m3 / h. It also disinfects surfaces, fabrics and all objects present in the indoor environment.

It counteracts bacterial proliferation and does not allow the subsequent proliferation of pathogens, working 24 hours a day even in the presence of subjects.


Systems in comparison

The traditional indoor air purification technology exploits the use of the HEPA filtration system, below you will find some information that will allow you to compare this system with our patented ICR AND ION-PLASMA technology.


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ACTIVE PURIFICATION is a process that eliminates large amounts of

material that is not part of an element, including dust and a

large number of microorganisms. S i mean the

disinfection of any surface and surrounding air. That is to say one more integrated system

technologies that it returns

healthy air.


Image by CDC


- Acts on nanoparticles larger than 0.001 microns

- The volume of the treated environment depends on the air flow. Hourly recirculation of about 400 m3 / h.

-  It also sanitizes surfaces,

fabrics and all objects  present in the indoor environment

- Able to act on odors, volatile organic compounds, delaying the

ripening of fruit and vegetables and the formation of mold

- UV lamp replacement every 9,000 hours of use (approximately 1 year of operation H24)


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PURIFICATION means a process that removes pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the air. Therefore, we do not mean the DESTRUCTION or INACTIVATION of bacterial strains, but only the reduction through a filtration system.


Image by CDC

- Filters only particles larger than 0.3 microns

- The volume of the treated environment depends on the suction capacity of the device.

- It does not act on surfaces, as it is able to sanitize only the air that passes through the filter

- No action on odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and gases

- Periodic replacement of the filter, based on the accumulated dirt. The filter reduces the flow of expelled air, especially if dirty.