Always clean air, wherever you want


Many places that look clean hide


Pollen, dust, allergens




Molds, bacteria


We are more and more inclined to worry about the pollution levels of the outside world, when inside the locals which we live longer there is a lower and consequently more dangerous air quality.


The indoor air of the environments in which we live and work contains many suspended substances and micro polluting particles.

Indoor air pollution is also caused by some daily factors, such as the use of detergents with chemical compositions that are too aggressive for cleaning the house or the presence of pets, but also by the paint of the walls or by accumulations of dirt and dust in remote points of the house.

Adding these factors to the quality of the air entering from the outside, which is equally polluted, results in an unfavorable environment in which to live, which more and more often generates breathing difficulties and allergies.

Tornado is the most effective solution for those who need a device:

small size,
to be used really anywhere,
adjustable in intensity of operation


fighting against:

viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds, odors, animals, dust and pollutants

reaching all corners, even the tightest ones.

Tornado logo esclusiva.jpg

Tornado is an air purifier that uses the proven Ozone technology with different levels of intensity to sanitize small closed environments. This is possible thanks to its high redox potential which is able to oxidize most organic and biological molecules.

It is a new generation device that improves the healthiness of the air, influencing our well-being, improving concentration, physical and mental state and quality of life.